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Watford Cannabis Group: write and design

The brief:

To write the funding bid for developing a new suite of marketing communications materials for Watford Cannabis Group. If successful in achieving funding, the brief was to run a content creation workshop, then manage the design, copywriting, print production and delivery of a new suite of effective marketing communications materials for Watford Cannabis Group.

The results:

The application to Watford Borough Council was successful, so work commenced immediately on producing 5 new marketing communications materials. These materials were to serve two main purposes:

  • to help publicise Watford Cannabis Group locally
  • to provide practical advice and guidance to people wishing to quit cannabis

The materials were:

  • Where to find us – A4 poster
  • Where to find us – A5 leaflet
  • Where to find us – business card
  • Starter pack – “Ask yourself: have I got a problem with cannabis?”
  • Starter pack – “How to break the habit and quit cannabis”

The starter pack materials were devised in a workshop with Watford Cannabis Group, carried out by Storyboard Marketing. This was to create the most effective content to support people to identify their own problem with cannabis addiction and then go on to quit successfully, including what to do in the first days and weeks of stopping. There was high demand at Watford Cannabis Group for this type of information, especially from newcomers and family members, as well as from people getting ready to stop smoking cannabis. The starter pack was to be made available to all new members of the Watford Cannabis Group network and to relevant agencies in Watford.

The A4 poster and A5 leaflet (Where to find us) were created to publicise confidential group meetings, contact information and who Watford Cannabis Group helps. The group were keen to incorporate an illustration they had produced into the designs. These materials were to be distributed and displayed at doctors’ surgeries, drug and alcohol agencies in Watford and Probation services. The A5 leaflets were also for handouts at public talks in Watford, at venues including YMCA and other agencies.

Business cards targeted new group members and family members, providing where to find information and contact details – ideal for keeping in wallets. The business cards were a discreet means for people to get in touch easily, if they were coming off cannabis and needed immediate support. The business cards were also aimed at drug and alcohol agencies, for adding to the packs they give out in their services.

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