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The Great Outdoor Gym Company website: write

The brief:

To refresh the TGO website, to include:

  • key messages for home page banners – to encourage TGO customers and outdoor gym users to explore the TGO website
  • news stories (including coverage of Prime Minister David Cameron highlighting a TGO-sponsored environmental scheme) – to highlight TGO innovation and successes
  • copywriting to position TGO’s Greener, Safer, Stronger key messages as the most compelling reasons for TGO customers to purchase their products
  • copywriting for Green Energy Gym page – to introduce TGO’s unique electricity-generating outdoor gym equipment to UK and international markets
  • consistency checking and proofreading for TGO product pages
  • copywriting for TGO Trainers page – to introduce TGO Trainers and highlight product features such as training videos and QR codes on signage
  • case studies


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