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Charlotte TarrantMy name is Charlotte Tarrant. Thank you for visiting my website. I have a love of words and a lifelong appreciation for stories. Clear stories, told simply, in colourful ways.

I’m told by my clients that I have a way of asking people questions and really listening to their answers, which makes them feel comfortable.

It’s a privilege to ask people questions about their business. I have a natural inquisitiveness for discovering their stories, including what they are most proud of and what challenges they have overcome.

This curiosity helps me to uncover fresh stories, which connect with audiences.

Once I find stories, I craft them. I polish them up.

Finally, I help my clients put their stories out into the world – a story is nothing, after all, without an audience!

How can I help your business?

I can work with you to capture and communicate the best stories in your business.

I create marketing communications materials, digital content (including website production and content management), video and events – all with storytelling techniques at their heart.

I have trained over the last 15 years in storytelling – so I understand how to select fresh language and visuals, strong theming and the most memorable characters to tell your stories.

I can work with you project by project or on a retained basis.

Contact me for a chat about your needs.



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