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What makes a great story?


Storyboard Marketing, marketing services London, writing, film, eventsThink of your favourite book or film. Why do you love it?

  • Perhaps you identify with the main character. Their story goal catches your attention from the first page or scene. You care about their core mission, and as a result, you want them to succeed.
  • Maybe the plot developments in the story intrigue you – the twists and turns keep your attention, they answer questions you have but often in unexpected ways.
  • Maybe the language or performances hold your interest or make you laugh.
  • Possibly a central theme in the story means something to you personally – so much so that you stay up late into the night to find out what happens.
  • And very likely, the climax and resolution of the story gives you a sense of satisfaction or a new understanding about life.

Whatever combination of these things, your emotional experience means that you see the story through – and you talk about it with your friends afterwards.

What makes a great story in business?

The same principles are true for compelling stories about businesses and how best to communicate those stories to your customers, employees and partners.

Great stories in business are designed to increase the chance people will tell their friends. They have identifiable themes, goals, challenges and solutions presented within their narratives. They often feature interesting, thoughtful, likeable people. The stories appeal on an emotional as well as an intellectual level.

Storyboard Marketing would love to help you tell your business tales.

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