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Write, design & film

At Storyboard Marketing, we write, design and film content for your business. We help you tell the stories you need to tell to become the favourite of your customers, employees and partners.

How do we deliver for you?

  • We start with you – we define the project brief, then our research, planning and interview techniques take us to the heart of your stories.
  • Then we choose the right storytelling tools – a mixture of memorable words, photographs, graphics, illustrations and moving images.
  • We build in the structures and techniques of storytelling  – including theming, strong characters, identifiable goals and solutions, plot development, pace, language style, tone and emotional authenticity.
  • We deliver to you – in the ways that suit your business and campaign objectives.

What do we deliver for you?

  • Marketing communications materials (printed and electronic) – leaflets, annual reports, brochures, postcards, e-newsletters, case study documentation
  • Web content management – planning, creating and posting website content to keep your online presence fresh and relevant and search-friendly. News stories, themed articles and videos, personnel profiles, bespoke pages.
  • Video content – planning and producing video content to celebrate your business successes, your people, your goals etc.
  • Public relations – press releases, targeting media organisations, placing content about your business with trade, local and national titles (offline and online).
  • Social media content – YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and the other usual suspects!
  • Research documents / projects – to celebrate what you’ve achieved, to measure your successes, to learn new ways of working with your employees, customers and partners.

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